American Craft Week Turns Six by Celebrating All That Craft Creates

Official Celebration Dates: October 2-11, 2015

We are pleased to announce the official dates of the 2015 American Craft Week are October 2 through 11. This 10-day event is the largest celebration of handmade craft in the country, last year encompassing events in all fifty states! Everyone who is involved with craft, whether by making, selling, or celebrating it, is invited to join. The basic idea behind celebration is to spotlight the wonderful work America's craftspeople produce and all that craft contributes to our country.

To empower that message, the National ACW Committee has chosen a theme for this year's event, the very first "theme" in ACW's history. The 2015 theme is:

Craft creates...

You are probably ready to complete that sentence now! Most of us involved with craft know it creates beauty, jobs and vibrant communities. And throughout the year, we will be expanding the theme in many directions, so others can share an appreciation of the power and vitality of handmade American craft.

You can read our first media release of the season and welcome to ACW 2015. We look forward to your active participation, so send your ideas and input to us at Together we are going to make this an exceptionally creative year!


Get your PUBLIC LIBRARY involved in ACW

Ask them to display CRAFT books during ACW along with the ACW logo. Perhaps they could include a local artist's work, or sponsor a craft demonstration or workshop. If your community has a lot going on, ask them to include a local ACW event schedule, too. There will be no charge for libraries to participate in ACW, and a Library Info Sheet will be available on our website soon! To sign up, libraries should use this form.


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