Celebrate American Craft Week

Announcing the Search for Craft's Rising Stars

American Craft Week will name 30 exceptional young craftspeople under the age of 30 this coming August. We invite you to send us your nominations.

Nominations have closed at this time. 


Welcome to American Craft Week!

Now in its seventh year, ACW is the nation’s largest celebration of handmade American craft. We began with a simple idea: what if EVERYBODY who makes, sells, exhibits, teaches or celebrates American craft – what if we ALL did something at the same time to spotlight an aspect of amazing American craft?

What if we ALL tell the world what craft creates for America: jobs, vibrant communities, economic growth, and an exceptional national heritage and a beautiful aesthetic for our homes and public places.

We invite you to join us! Just click “Become a participant” in the menu above, it’s easy and very inexpensive for everyone to add their voice and activity to the nation’s largest craft celebration. If you have questions, click on the “contact” button and we will be happy to provide answers and information.

Right now, our site is “wiped clean” and ready to accept all our 2016 sponsors, participants and events.

Come back often and watch how it blossoms with activity! We also invite you to like our Facebook page), so you get the latest ACW news as it happens.

Let’s make the 2016 ACW the largest and most vibrant yet!


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