Welcome to American Craft Week!

Welcome to the ninth annual American Craft Week
October 5-14.2018

It’s more important than ever!

American Craft Week began as a grassroots effort in 2010 with a small number of craft artists, galleries and events. Our goal was (and still is) “to make noise”, and “to put handmade in a bright national spotlight”. Every industry needs to champion itself, and craft is no different.

But without an enormous Madison Avenue advertising budget, how could we make a splash? The answer became clear: together we can be a mighty force! If all across the county we publicize simultaneous events, use a common logo, and issue a call to celebrate American handmade craft, we can create an enormous public relations event for our industry.

All we need is for everyone to do their part! And that’s where you come in. Help us tell the world that craft is a valuable economic engine for families and communities. When we purchase handmade goods made in the USA, all the money stays here, and is spent and invested here!

Craft makes our communities vibrant. It attracts tourists who spend money. It encompasses our traditions, history and our way of life. In a mass-produced world, it is singularly unique and exciting.

American Craft Week has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Our committee of volunteers works to stage interesting craft-centered contests for communities, artists and craft lovers. However, we cannot do it alone. Won’t you please join us this October? We need everyone, we need you! Don’t be the “missing piece”.

It's time to vote for this years Top 10 Towns for Craft Lovers! Rally your local friends and neighbors, and your favorite could end up a winner! Vote at



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