Participants & Events in Georgia

Miss Mavis Fun House

Address1363 E Rock Springs Rd, Atlanta, GA

We are a group of people who individually show worldwide and come together in one studio several times a year to sell and celebrate art. Mavis Stevens, Christy Buchanan, Claire Brightly, Rozelle Morton Bush, Allen Bush, and Charlie Dingler.


Address35 Hidden Creek Rd, Jasper, GA

We are a retail store in Jasper Ga. will make our big announcement asap!

Anna Balkan Jewelry

Address51 S Peachtree St, Norcross, GA
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Second Acts - Craft as an Encore Career - On-line exhibit

plunderJUNK ART

Address239 Mossland Drive, Perry, GA

The event will take place Nov. 11, 2017. It will be a small gathering of artists and makers in my front yard.
Event name: Artists and Maker on Mossland

Pine LakeFest

AddressLakeshore Drive, Pine Lake, GA

One of Georgia’s smallest and greenest cities, Pine Lake is a haven for artists: at least one in 10 residents are visual artists, musicians, or writers. Each year, on the first full weekend in October, all of these talents converge during Pine Lake's favorite event: LakeFest.